FERROCAM is available to develop ideas with its Customers: this collaboration is based on confidence and professionality, it permits to carry out big projects where the partners’ technological knowledge and design capabilities profitably merge for both Companies. Example of this is the realization of innovative tube-drawing machine realized for Tenaris Group, unique in the world for capability and dimensions.

The design has been realized in collaboration between FERROCAM engineers and Tenaris Dalmine’s technical direction and it has brought as result the construction and the installation with the “turn key” formula of a complete automatic equipment able to produce drawn pipes up to diameter Ø 555 mm and lenght 17,5 m with a pulling force of 450 metric tons (expandible to 600 metric tons). In this configuration the electric power installed is 1,2 MW.

The machine (including its handling system) covers a lenght of 100 m and it was completely realized internally in Bienno’s workshop. The commissioning and start-up were operated by specialized technicians. The final result, from the technological and productivity point of view is excellent.

In many cases FERROCAM takes in charge basic or advanced design to be completed and realized.

Example of this is the handling system which, in 2014, made automatic the Tenaris Dalmine Factory through n°4 pipe manipulators of big dimensions, equipped by laser view system, able to lift and move among the various workstations pipes up to diameter 711 mm, lenght up to 13,6 m and weight up to 5 metric tons.

An other example is the resizing machine realized by FERROCAM for the colombian company Tenaris Tubo Caribe. The original design has been reviewed by FERROCAM for equipment improvement requirements. The performances have been improved and the machine completely redesigned.