Lifting tools

FERROCAM deals of lifting tools from more than 25 years.
The countless realizations made in the years concern various industrial sectors, mainly the steel industry.
Each Customer has different production/technological requirements, for this reason there is a wide variety of equipments and tools different for shape, functionality, maximum capacity and dimensions.
Normally each lifting tool requires a dedicated design, but for some ones FERROCAM achieved also productions of a thousand identical tools.
The principal sector is forging: the realization of lifting tools for ingots up to Ø 3.200 mm, bars, rings and bushing up to Ø 8.100 mm x H 4.000 mm, capacity up to 150 metric tons, suitable for cold clamp and hot clamp too.
Usually the lifting tools are equipped with a mechanical and automatic coupling / uncoupling device, but in many situations FERROCAM realized real motorized lifting machines.
Starting from the simple under-hook tool up to lifting complex equipment involving also existing machines like overcranes or technological equipments.
Each production process phase is internally developed, in fact the company structure is organized to be indipendent for engineering (from initial idea to the executive project), construction, tests and commissioning.
Each lifting tool/equipment is supplied togheter its technical documentation and CE conformity declaration.
The realized solutions give an added value to the user companies, also increasing the safety level of the work activities.replica watches uk

  • Ingot tilter for forging plant 80 metric tons
  • Internal Coil Tong capacity 5 t
  • Tilting shaft for turning rolling rolls
  • Lifting beam with permanent magnets for handling of drilling poles
  • Ferrule tilting tool Ø 10.000 mm x H 3.000 mm - capacity 40 t
  • Motorized lifting beam for moving plates in vertical position - capacity 70 t
  • Ferrule tilting tool Ø 6.000 mm x H 3.500 mm - capacity 100 t
  • Tong for ingots 150 metric tons
  • Tong with variable upkeep
  • Tong for discs 120 metric tons
  • Tong for ingot stripping
  • Double tong for pipes or rounds 5 metric tons
  • Tong for convex bottom
  • Motorized beam for bushings 150 metric tons
  • Motorized beam for bushings 70 metric tons
  • Four arms beam for rings & bushings
  • Beam for sheets and bushings 70 metric tons
  • Motorized beam for ingots 50 metric tons
  • C hook for bushings
  • Ladle yoke 100 metric tons
  • Coil spider
  • Mesh spider
  • Easy hook