Overhaul and maintenance

FERROCAM carries out maintenance and overhaul of equipments, machines and lifting tools on its own products and on other manufacturers’ products too.

Periodic lifting tool overhaul is a typical operation that Customers are forced to do according to the law.

In our factory, the lifting tool to be overhauled is subjected to severe controls by qualified engineers and technicians according to needed periodicity.

During three-years control, the tool is completely dismounted and all structural elements are subjected to NDT to verify their complete integrity; in case of defects, needed reparations and/or replacements are executed.

The painted parts are sandblasted and then re-painted with the original colours. Afterwards, the tool is reassembled and subjected to a test.

The safety notice, the identification and capacity labels are checked and, in case, restored. Reports and documentation revisions are drawn up.