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Silent discharge system - PATENTED SYSTEM

System that allows the orderly and noise-free storage of the single bar up to the complete formation of the pack. Characteristics of the bars relative to the following images: L = 3.000 - 7.600 mm, Ø 10-100 mm

This system is applicable to round bars and pipes of any diameter and length.

Main elements making up the system:

·         chain transfer for single bar;

·         inlet chute and pad controlled by servomotors for precise positioning of the bar;

·         width of the pack adjustable according to the diameter of the bar and variable bottom frame;

·         double variable bottom frame system at the bottom of the pack, which allows the formation of a second pack while the first, lowered onto the lower roller way, has not yet been completely evacuated;

·         pack translation system with horizontal and vertical rollers;

·         tightening bundle for compaction during strapping.

At the entrance of the silent discharge system there is a straightness control bench with stop lever and by-pass lever.

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