FERROCAM is able to develop and realize dedicated design for its Costumers.

Starting from the Customer’s need or initial idea, FERROCAM realizes equipments, special machines, lifting tools going through all the project phases like design, planning, manufacturing, delivery, till commissiong and start-up.

There are many examples of these realizations, from simple material handling equipment to complete hardening and tempering line for pipes or bars, from pointing machine for cold drawing pipe process to spray quenching equipment or automatic NDT machine for big forged shafts.

In the lifting tools field, the original realizations are various and numerous like the different needs in the steel industry, from ingot tong to real motorized machine for big dimension bushing and rings. FERROCAM, starting from the Costumer’s requirements, carries out a feasibility study and then a functional study till to the executive design.

In these phases FERROCAM cooperates with the Customer analizying and progressively approving the next steps up to achieve a shared solution.